Our Journey

Kristin Durney

Kristin is a Cognitive Behavioral Technique Coach who is a trauma survivor and mental health advocate. Diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety, Kristin went through years of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy “CBT.” CBT is focused on shifting mindset thought patterns that are fixed and negative to internal positive ways of thinking about a growth mindset. This affects the pre-frontal cortex, which retrains the thought patterns of the brain.

“My journey through CBT demonstrates proof of concept that these techniques and tools not only work, but profoundly changed and saved my life. Often times, individuals don’t realize in order to be the best version of themselves, they need to shift their mindset to change and grow positive thought and behavioral patterns. We train and coach individuals, teams and leaders on these cognitive mindset techniques which helps them make a true lifestyle change. These techniques are highly effective if an individual, like myself, is clinically diagnosed with a mental health condition, or whether it is situational (personal or professional), which Kris Nurse has experienced. This lifestyle change brings personal, professional success and happiness, improving all facets of your life, which we call The Circle of Awareness. We coach and consult on making permanent, positive and growth mindset shifts, and provide a community for continued support. Practicing these techniques (which I call “mental homework”) will change the way you think, the way you perceive yourself in the world and the people around you. We help you find your purpose and why to reach your goals and become the best version of yourself and the person you are meant to be.”

During Kristin’s professional career of 23 years, she worked for several Fortune 500 companies leading various sized Human Resource teams, including her last position as an HR Executive. She is a coach, mentor, trainer and motivational speaker across multiple industries, organizations and audiences, transforming thought patterns and behavior through mindset change & growth.

She helps individuals and teams cultivate resilience and courage to overcome adversity that results in inner strength, empowerment, self-management and self-care. These management tools promote a lifestyle of mental wellness which create a growth mindset.

Mindset shift and growth is about embracing life with the strength that is already within you and is waiting to emerge to fulfill life-long dreams. Life is about the journey, inspiring and empowering individuals and teams alike to achieve your personal and professional goals & dreams. ~ Kristin Durney

Kris Nurse

Kris Nurse is a Learning and Development professional with over 20 years of experience in performance consulting, developing high-performing teams and leaders and inspiring company cultures that create a differentiating employee and customer experience. She designs personal and professional development programs that are unique to the organization, support the culture objectives and impact the entire employee lifecycle. Her journey has made her a seasoned facilitator across multiple audiences, topics and forums in helping individuals and teams discover what they need to become their very best.

“Human Resources was a natural path for me because I believe the most important resources in any organization are the people. What was frustrating to me is while organizations say their employees are the biggest asset, such words may be heard by them but not felt. A dynamic and differentiating culture is organic, people believe it, live and breathe it, and do it for all the right reasons. It is not a statement on a wall, instead it requires a framework and tools to sustain a healthy mental environment. I found myself at a crossroads to either continue in my career or embrace the potential to make a broader impact and transform workplace environments everywhere. I knew I had the skills and experience to create a new path for myself but my major struggle was my mindset.

Through a networking group I ran into Kristin Durney, who I had worked with in the past and had a high-level of respect as a Human Resources Executive Professional. When we reengaged and I learned of her diagnoses it changed my perception about mental health conditions. Sharing my mindset struggles and my desire to change workplace environments, she quickly began training me on cognitive behavioral techniques. What I love about techniques is regardless of company size, goal or vision, we are equipping each individual with the tools they need to self-manage and become self-aware. It is a win for employees, leaders and the bottom line. This has allowed me to accomplish my goals, change my career path and gain a new lifestyle.”

You trust in your team, leaders and peers and leave every interaction making them better. ~ Kris Nurse