Here are 2 programs from our Tell YOUR Story series. You’ll gain tools and techniques to support your career journey, which develop a strengthened mindset and expose self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from reaching your professional goals.

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Resumes and Interviews

The Biggest Obstacles to Landing that Job

The Tell Your Story series enhances mindset and builds the confidence to visualize your success to effectively articulate your strengths for the desired role. You gain skills in resume writing and interviewing techniques to home in on the accomplishments critical to the organization and to the interviewer.

Do you submit resume after resume, which seem to get sucked into a blackhole and you have no idea what’s not working?

Do you dread the time it takes to update your resume or modify it for each role?

Has it been years since you’ve touched your resume and don’t know where to start?


The task can seem daunting for both the young professional just getting started and the more experienced pro who hasn’t changed jobs recently.

Whether you have touched your resume today, last week, a month ago or 5 years ago, you will gain tips and techniques to prep your resume and have at the ready or to quickly tweak, so it specifically addresses any role you apply for.

You may be dealing with:

  • Unaware of new trends and candidate selection methods
  • Unknowledgeable on how to address these trends
  • Very little guidance from those who really know
  • Don’t know what to add, take out, or leave in
  • Receiving contradictory advice

And do you approach interviews with anxiety and fear?

Do you struggle with the confidence you need?

Or do you worry that your interview skills stand in the way?


No matter how much job experience you have, anxiety, lack of confidence and poor interviewing skills can easily overshadow your strengths and limit your ability to communicate why you’re the best person for the job.

Here you will learn a model that can prepare you for any question in a more concise and organized way. Effective preparation techniques give you the confidence to share how your experiences, skills and qualifications perfectly align to the role and organizational needs.

Your success may be thwarted by:

  • Under communicating or over communicating your story
  • Being too nervous to relax, listen and respond
  • Having trouble translating your transferable skills
  • Not asking the stellar questions that show you have a real interest in the company and job role
  • Interview inexperience; either you’re just getting started or you’ve gone years since your last job hunt

A Solution to Empower Your Career

  What if you could align your resume to quickly meet job descriptions and tell your story in a way that gets you noticed?

 What if you could shift your mindset so you have the confidence to back it up in the interview?

  What if you could get there easily with the guidance of a team of corporate interviewers, trainers, coaches and HR experts?

Our groundbreaking and convenient online video training course leverages your strengths and aligns to your purpose. We teach you to:

  • Create a resume that speaks to the recruiter or hiring manager
  • Keep resume short and sweet while articulating your relevant accomplishments
  • Easily edit your resume to keep it specific to each job application
  • Get selected by automated application systems
  • Catch the eye of recruiters
  • Incorporate a formula that effectively prepares you with clear and specific answers to any interview question asked
  • Ask differentiating questions during the interview that get you remembered
  • Build confidence and comfort regardless of the interview type


  You’ll succeed by learning a revolutionary approach to adopt new mindset traits that are proven to radically improve personal and professional development.

  With this shift in mindset, you’ll intuitively demonstrate your value and job relevance both in your resume and in person.

  We’ll help you eliminate self–limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  Your new mindset will inherently shift your perspective from just talking about yourself, to showing your prospects how you are a solution to their needs.

  You’ll be provided with techniques and resources to help you effectively manage your responses to any interview situation– phone, video, one on one or a panel.

  We’ll show you a formula that insures you’ll be able to specifically and concisely articulate your accomplishments

  Your shift in mindset will instill a self-confidence that naturally presents you as a strong and important candidate.

These programs include:

  • Two 1-hour recorded online training sessions that you can reuse whenever you want to brush up on your skills.
  • Support materials to use during the training.
  • Links and recommendations to additional resources.
  • Recommended resume templates
  • Breakthrough mindset strategies and training developed by expert business coaches, trainers and HR professionals.
  • Additional bonus material when you complete the course survey.

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What people are saying about the training authors and facilitators:

“After your webinar, my professional career changed for good. Even though I had a strong resume that showcased my skills, there was a missing part that I could not find in any other source. They suggested tips, ideas, and steps we can follow in order to receive a better response from recruiters. Before attending the training I only received 2 responses for every 10 jobs I applied. The outcome after receiving the Resume training is phenomenal because I have been contacted by 7-8 recruiters for every 10 jobs I applied.”

– Jahaira Orozco